With courage to digital transformation

The FAMA Trade Fair Conference was held for the first time as a DACH conference of the three associations Expo Event Swiss, Messen Austria and FAMA at the Trade Fair and Congress Center in Basel. For two days, more than 180 industry experts exchanged views on the topics of digitalization & transformation, digital business models and sustainable trade fairs.

DACH Trade Fair Conference, Trade Fair and Congress Center Basel

Adventics was represented with a vision note on the topic “The event industry in changing times – future strategies, digitalization and transformation using the example of the Frankfurt Book Fair. Our colleague Sandra Hübner (Senior Consultant) together with our customer Nils Schoepe (Director Projects & Processes, Frankfurt Book Fair) gave insights on how the Frankfurt Book Fair wants to manage the transformation into a new age.

  • Digitization has had a significant impact on our world in recent years. With the increasing progress of digitalization on the exhibitor side and the growing relevance of making events measurable, it is becoming more and more important for event organizers to lead the way into a new digital age.
  • Following the cancellation of the 2020 Book Fair due to the pandemic, a digital networking format, “The HOF” has already been developed and is being successfully continued.
  • In order to move towards the future, intensive work is being done to develop new digital business models, enable KPI-based evaluations and create a year-round exchange within the community.
  • The decisive factor here is step-by-step implementation with continuous feedback loops. You have to gain experience! Above all, an open and positive error culture is necessary in order to be able to recognize opportunities.

These topics were explored in greater depth in a subsequent deep dive session on the topic of “Courage for digital transformation”. with our CEO Gunnar Heinrich, Dominik Burkhalter (Co-Chief Digital & Marketing Officer, BERNEXPO GROUPE) and Nils Schoepe (Director Projects & Processes, Frankfurt Book Fair) moderated by Oliver Schmitt (agendum – Schmitt & Jähnke PartG).

  • Generation Z is making its way into the management ranks, and Corona has also greatly accelerated digitization – which is actually a steep climb. Nevertheless, the digital transformation is currently progressing more slowly than expected. There is a sense of relief that after the pandemic, everything is back to the way it was. Innovations are being put on the back burner, business as usual.
  • But it is precisely now that the trade show industry must act with foresight and find answers and solutions for upcoming changes. The international trade fair market and other industries are in part far ahead here. Above all, terms such as User Centered Design or User Experience should increasingly find their way into the trade fair world in order to ultimately create an optimal customer experience.
  • Having clear visions, keeping an eye on the international market, and measuring and communicating small successes are crucial to steadily driving digital transformation forward.

The rapid development of digital technologies has fundamentally changed the event industry. Digital tools not only enable more efficient organization, but also provide a more interactive and personalized experience for attendees and exhibitors alike.

We are excited to see where the journey will take us, and are already looking forward to the next one FAMA trade fair conference on + November 21, 2023 at the Munich Trade Fair Center !