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In the years 2020 – 2022, the efforts and initiatives around digital solutions at trade fair companies have, out of necessity, once again increased significantly. Initially, it was more a matter of speed in implementation than of derivation from the corporate strategy and subsequent careful selection. Many individual solutions were quickly launched, sometimes by providers who did not know a year before that they would ever offer something like this. The experiences were mostly sobering – on the organiser side and on the customer side anyway. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Now is the time to clean up! To take up existing concept ideas, expand them and develop new ones. For solutions that are gladly bought and used. And it’s almost always about establishing these digital solutions as a sensible addition to an existing classic trade fair business – and not using them as a substitute.


Since our foundation in 2006, this has been one of our main focuses. Numerous entry systems around the world bear our signature (including Beijing, Munich, Stockholm, Düsseldorf, Gothenburg, Nuremberg, Karlsruhe, Dubai). A so far well-kept secret: The name “adventics” is composed of the words “adventor” (Latin for “visitor”) and the syllable “tics” as an abbreviation for tickets.


A discipline that has been widespread since 2010 at the latest, but is now enjoying increasing importance. There are many reasons for this: on the one hand, the desire to reduce the diversity of systems and providers. On the other hand, the need to create an integrated platform for the data acquired and used and to avoid isolated data silos. Modern platforms offer a modular structure, can be implemented in stages and grow with the requirements of the trade fair organisers. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


With our Scan2Lead product portfolio, we are the market leader for lead tracking at trade fairs in Europe. We support the world’s largest trade fairs in their lead offering to exhibitors so that they can scan the badges of all trade fair participants and receive the data. Scan2Lead ensures satisfied and successful exhibitors, provides valuable insights and analysis and is an important component in the digital business of trade fairs. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


How we support

We support our trade fair customers in the selection, introduction and operation of modern event technology solutions. We compile requirements and use our experience from many similar projects to ensure that nothing is forgotten. We transport international best practices directly to your company.


In one of our first steps, we gather requirements, align them with your business strategy and evaluate different modules and processes. Our goal is to assess the feasibility of different technology solutions and to identify difficulties, challenges and opportunities.


Now it’s down to the details! We deal intensively with a technology solution, its individual modules and analyse processes down to the last detail. We also analyse the integration of surrounding systems. The result is a concrete implementation concept for an event tech platform.


Of course, we also support you with our experience during the introduction and implementation of the new solution. Our goal is to enable you and your employees to work more efficiently in the future through leaner processes and automated workflows.

Six becomes one

For one of the largest German trade fairs, adventics consolidated the grown system landscape into a modern event platform. From the app to matchmaking, from the exhibitor directory to the event calendar, everything was geared towards the future.

Digital Strategy & Transformation

Now is the time to think about tomorrow. In particular, trade show companies that keep an eye on future trends, new technologies and expanded business models, as well as the competition, can be successful in the long term.

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Digital as a Service

Many event tech modules only unfold their effectiveness when they are booked and used in large numbers by exhibitors. This is where we help with our customer-oriented sales and support teams.

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