Event-Tech Solutions – What does the market actually need?

Bringing people together and networking them…

… that is still the central goal of trade fairs and congresses. And yet, events have changed fundamentally in recent years with the advance of digitalisation and the advent of the Corona pandemic. In addition to the type of event (live, digital, hybrid), discussions are now focusing on which additional digital services should be offered to participants in order to remain viable as a marketing platform. In addition, the question arises of how to succeed in standing out from other marketing tools and external competitors such as Amazon, TikTok or Alibaba.


1. from specialist to generalist


We have noticed that very many technology providers want to gradually expand their solutions horizontally and develop them into a kind of all-in-one event solution for trade fair organisers. Due to the multitude of functionalities, events can usually be managed centrally from one place. This has the great advantage that all data and information is stored in a central database and can be accessed at any time. On the other hand, these solutions often correspond to a certain standard and a manageable functional depth. This also makes it difficult to implement functionality and process support down to the last detail.


But what does the market actually want? The implementation of specific customer wishes or easier handling through integrated system landscapes?


2. complexity of digital solutions


We still often hear that digital solutions are far too complex – for exhibitors, visitors and the organisers themselves. On top of that, many exhibition teams are currently severely understaffed and lack the resources to take care of the implementation and operation of digital solutions, as well as their day-to-day business.


What should we focus on more in the future? Which solutions are worth investing in now in order to remain competitive in the long term?


3. infinite possibilities vs. the use of a third


We all know this phenomenon: thousands of possibilities and only a fraction is used. This is currently also the case for many organisers – often only a fraction of the functionalities offered by software solutions are used. And exhibitors often don’t even know what additional services they can actually order or what lead tracking or sponsoring options are available.


What does the market actually need? Do we need such a large variety of functionalities? And how should we properly communicate these event tech solutions to exhibitors?


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