Mouth-nose protection and 1.5 m safety distance as well as comprehensive hygiene measures were and are indispensable during Covid. But how do you, as a trade fair operator, ensure that contact tracing in the event of a Covid outbreak can be smoothly guaranteed and passed on to the relevant authorities in the event of an emergency? Find out here how you can ensure this important step towards reopening for exhibitors with our help.


Until an effective vaccine against covid is found, the health of visitors and exhibitors is the focus of those responsible for the fair, not least because of official requirements.Above all, the official reporting regulations that take effect after a case of infection pose many a challenge.With simple visitor tracking at the entrances and exits, it is sometimes difficult to reconstruct a chain of contact in the event of an emergency. But what if the required data could be collected as precisely as possible and, of course, in compliance with the GDPR?


This is possible with the FairTracing method. It is based on Scan2Lead technology and can trace the visitor’s path at a trade fair very precisely on the basis of the touchpoints visited. All that is required is regular contactless data capture of the respective visitor via a scan on the exhibition grounds. After admission control and initial registration, the Scan2Lead app uses the FairTracing method to calculate probable time windows with each process, which precisely reconstruct and narrow down the paths and possible contact persons of visitors. This works via influencing factors such as stand size, the number of stand employees and lead arc activities.


In the event of an emergency, the health authorities receive the data securely, digitally encrypted and at the required speed. Fair organisers can thus usefully supplement their hygiene concept and thus demonstrate that a visit to the fair is safe. Unlike other applications, the FairTracing procedure can be used internationally.




Do you have questions about the FairTracing method and the Scan2Lead app? Then contact us! Our team will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with further information. Simply send us an email at or call us at +49 89 4444 33 111.

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