Case Study: “Visitor Value” for the MCH Group

The story

The MCH Group is the leading trade fair organizer in Switzerland. The group operates trade fair venues in Basel, Zurich and Lausanne and organizes exhibitions all over the world. According to the formulated corporate strategy, the future lies in creative combinations of live events and digital formats that offer unique physical experiences for target groups and make content and services available online all year round. The CFO wanted to lift the “gold nuggets,” as he called visitor information, and make them usable.

The challenge

The MCH Group wanted to develop a framework of digital solutions. The primary objectives were to strengthen the traditional trade fair business, flanked by additive sales revenues with the aid of digital business models. Furthermore, processes were to be digitized and optimized, thereby achieving cost effects. Here, too, new solutions had to be linked to an existing system landscape. The old systems should only be replaced partially and step by step.

The solution

The adventics team worked on two projects simultaneously. On the one hand, the selection and introduction of a modern registration and ticketing system created the basis for obtaining the required visitor data in the first place. On the other hand, digital solution modules were developed and evaluated with multifunctional teams from MCH. A roadmap for implementation was then decided on together with the Executive Board. The introduction of these modules was flanked by change management, which involved both internal and external stakeholders. adventics also provided support with pricing, the creation of marketing information and the distribution of individual solutions.


Our services

Digital Strategy & Transformation

Now is the time to think about tomorrow. In particular, trade show companies that keep an eye on future trends, new technologies and expanded business models, as well as the competition, can be successful in the long term.

Event Tech Solutions

We help with the selection, introduction and operation of digital solutions. From individual solution modules such as registration, lead tracking and community management to integrated platforms.

Digital as a Service

Many event tech modules only unfold their effectiveness when they are booked and used in large numbers by exhibitors. This is where we help with our customer-oriented sales and support teams.