Our move to a new office: More space for growth and creativity

Moving to a new office can be an exciting chapter in a company’s history. The increasing growth of Scan2Lead and our consultancy business have made the move to larger office space necessary. From the planning and preparation to the actual moving day, it has been a great challenge for us with full anticipation of a new working environment. Now the biggest stress of the move is over and we are happy to share some insights with you.

The necessity of growth

Our company had experienced steady growth over the last few years, both in terms of staff numbers and Scan2Lead and our consultancy business. It became increasingly obvious that we needed more space to meet our growing needs.

Searching for the right space

The search for a larger office was no easy task. We knew we had to find a space that not only offered more space, but also reflected our needs and values as a company.

After intensive research and viewings, we finally found the perfect office. It is spacious, brighter and modern. The location is also ideal, as it is easily accessible for both staff and clients.

Preparing for the move

Preparing for the move to a larger office required careful planning and organisation. There were many tasks to be done, including planning the furniture transport, rearranging the work areas and ensuring a smooth IT infrastructure.

We also took the opportunity to design the new space and reflect our corporate culture. In addition, we designed meeting rooms and common areas to create inspiring and productive environments.

A new working environment

After the move, we were thrilled with our new working environment. We had more space to work more efficiently. The offices were brighter and more spacious. The new facilities, such as a conference room and a large communal kitchen, made us feel even more comfortable.

Conclusion: The move to a larger office was a step into the future. We now have space to expand our team and improve our services.