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  • Apart from your company data, we would like to be allowed to keep on saving your personalized business contact details as well to be able to inform you about our product and service offerings in context to your business activity. We have employed the service provider The Rocket Science Group LLC / Mailchimp (mailchimp.com) with the dispatch of our e-mail campaigns, who is bound by contract to protect your personal data just as we do. For the purpose of analyses, information is stored on if, how and wherefrom you have opened the e-mail and which containing links you might click at. Further information on this you will find in the privacy policy of Mailchimp which you can consult here: https://mailchimp.com/legal/privacy/. You can opt out from this storage at any time.
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  • We employ different data processing companies for the processing of your data which are bound by contract to process your data only in the above-mentioned extent.
  • Responsible body for the purpose of the data privacy acts is adventics GmbH, Weinbauernstraße 12a, 81539 München, Germany, represented by the general managers Bernhard Gamper, Gunnar Heinrich.